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Our Program

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What the Fudge is a delicious and fun community-based fundraising service serving Albuquerque and the outlying areas. We help non-profits meet their fundraising goals by providing individually-wrapped delicious and healthy caramel apples for your fundraising event.

It's Easy!

We wholesale the apples at a low cost to you, and your organization resales the apples through

1. business vendings
2. event concessions, or
3. preorders.

The profits go directly to your organization!


We start with tart, fresh, crisp granny smith apples. We coat the apples with a thick and delicious caramel sauce that we make by hand the old-fashioned way.

If you choose, you can top the caramel apple with a coating of chopped peanuts for an extra-special treat!

Low-cost and simple. We help you every step of the way to make sure your fundraiser is a success!

505.489.1035 | valerie@whatthefudge.org